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About Me

I am a certified personal trainer who helps busy individuals build muscle, lose weight and become mentally strong.As a young kid i always struggled with body image issues and genuinely did not feel comfortable in my own skin. So, i did what any normal teenager does. i turned to social media and the internet to gain all the "essential knowledge" needed to build muscle and lose fat.that was my first mistake..I began seeing how big and in shape all these people were and it honestly inspired me to be just like them.From trying all different types of diets (all meat, vegan, vegetarian) you name it i probably followed it for a short period of time. During this time i was going through college to obtain a bachelors of applied science. throughout my college career i worked as a trainer on the side. This allowed me to pay for all these different types of diets and supplements that were "essential" if i wanted to have a body or success like the people i saw online.Fast forward four years, i graduated and become a personal trainer full time. During this time i endured the worst hardships of my life, I was trying to find my way both in my career and also being comfortable in my own skin.Ill skip over all the drama but in a nutshell i have found that the majority of the information you find on social media and blogs are false. most of these "influencers" and other "professionals" make their money off of radical ideologies that deviate so far from the norm.from outlandish workout programs to complete bogus diet advice such as "dont eat carbs" "fats are bad" "protein will cause cancer" i have heard it all. come to find nobody actually utilizes science backed information anymore and it is completely confusing what is right and what is wrong. it creates so much animosity that most people just quit, or follow in my footsteps and try everything under the moon.My goal is to provide you with information and science backed guidence to help you reach your fitness/diet/and lifestyle goals.Im not going to try and sell you that i am the best and all knowing but i hope my experiences both being in the fitness influencer space and having extensive experience in diet and exercise help you create healthy habits that follow you throughout your life.My goal as your trainer is to not have you as a long term client...that means that i would not be doing my job. my goal is to get you in and out and provide you with guidance to a sustainable and healthy way of living that is conducive to reaching your specific goals.